Polymotion Chat Pro


Polymotion Chat Pro is an automated subject tracking solution for PTZ cameras where reliability and smooth natural movements are important. The camera tracking software uses an advanced CV (computer vision) engine which allows any user to automatically track a subject — providing consistent, reliable, smooth camera tracking shots.

With a presenter camera tracking solution such as Chat Pro controlling up to 3 cameras, the simple UI means any operator can concentrate on getting their message out, without having to worry about who is going to control the cameras. There is support for Panasonic, Sony, Birddog and many other 3rd Party PTZs. You can also mix vendors, controlling 3 different cameras at the same time.

Chat pro is a perfect presenter tracking system for universities, corporate events, presentations and house of worship, where the system’s pre-programmed moves can be started and controlled by anyone.



Simple automated PTZ tracking for 1-3 cameras
Real-time automated control
Slow, gentle movements, like a cameraman
Support for 3rd party PTZ cameras
Optional hardware controller
NDI Control (including video preview) & VISCA over IP Control