GnuralNet Live to Air system


LiveToAir gives you everything you need to bring up to 4 simultaneous Remote Guests into your studio. It was designed around real-world live production workflows, with the tools you need to on-board even non-technical guests, send them to your control room briefed and ready, and get them ON-AIR fast.

A web-based Call-In Manager component lets a producer (who can be located anywhere) connect with each incoming participant, brief them on the production, remotely change their webcam, mic, and headset, assign meta-data to them for downstream lower 3rd’s and graphics, then send them over to LiveToAir to join your production.

When first connected to LiveToAir, your remote guests will be placed in a virtual green room where they can talk with each other and see and talk with the LiveToAir operator. And with the push of a button, you can send them all live on-air.

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