Digitech Audio AM4204 8-Channel Mixing Console


Not everyone needs a large multi-channel mixer; what everyone does need is usable features on any mixer. This is a compact mixer jam-packed with features. Including high and low impedance mic inputs, separate EQ, gain and pan controls for each channel, aux send and return for effects, recording outputs and phantom power. It also has digital effects with hall and room simulators, chorus, flanger, two delays and a rotary speaker effect to simulate the classic sound of a Leslie or B3. The ideal small mixer for home recording, small PA systems, etc.

• Four mono channels with high & low impedance inputs
• 2-band EQ on all mono channels
• Low-cut filter: 80Hz, 18dB/oct
• Gain, aux send, pan & effect controls
• 2 stereo channels
• LED master level indicator
• Phantom power (48V)
• Headphone output with separate level control
• Sturdy metal construction
• Digital effects:
• 8 x hall and room effects
• Chorus, flanger, delay
• Rotary speaker (Leslie, B3 etc)


• Mic input: -55dB to -10dB
• Line input: -10dB to -33dB
• Stereo input: -14 to +10dB
• Main out: max 20dB
• Aux input impedance: 10k ohm
• Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
• T.H.D: 90dB
• Power supply: 17VAC x 2@350mA
• Dimensions: 270(L) 270(W) x 50(D)mm